New to 64 Bit computing need help with dual boot

I've gathered up a ton of software I like (I'm a creature of habit) over the last 15 years or so.

Just finally stepped up and got a new Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop last week. It's running 64 bit Win7 Home Premium.

I don't want to loose some of the software that I really like and in some cases paid big money for, such as Macromedia Studio MX, Photoshop CS2 etc...

I'm thinking of trying to go with dual boot Win7/Win XP Pro.

In the past I'd always used Partition Magic 8 to do dual boot, but I'm fairly certain that I'll have problems with trying to use PM with Win7.

I'd also like to "image" my whole drive before I even start to try to go dual boot, but once again my version of Norton Ghost is a couple years old and I doubt it will run well in Win7.

So my question. What would be the best choice to do a whole system backup? Also would like suggestions for a good choice of software to configure Win7/XP as dual boot.

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  1. have you tried any of this software yet in 64 bit? you might be surprised what you will be able to run...
  2. jefe323,

    Yeah I've had several progs that I've tried to install so far that have had a problem with Win7 64 bit.

    Dreamweaver (part of the macromedia studio mx) works fine until I try to nest tables in an HTML page. Then it suffers a critical error and shuts down dreamweaver. It requires me to uninstall DW and reinstall it before it will work at all again.

    My fav. fast image viewing software (not for editing just viewing), MGI photo suite won't even install.

    Or are you talking about Partition Magic and Norton Ghost. I haven't tried them yet because I'm afraid if Ghost doesn't work then I won't be able to revert back easily to "stock" if either Ghost or PM don't function correctly.
  3. if you have the pro version of win 7 you could try win xp mode
  4. Unfortunately I only have Home Premium version of Win7. I really like win XP better for most things anyway so I like the idea of dual boot if it isn't going to be too hard to pull off.
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