I keep burning up processors

I have an Abit KR7-A266 Raid, 512mb pc2100, All in wonder 8500, WD 40gb hard drive, sound blaster audigy, and the new koolance liquid cooled case. This is the second processor that I have burned up. Everything is hooked up right, the proc. has thermal paste applied, the water block was secured both times and I followed the instructions to the letter. Both times the computer booted to a flickering screen then I smelled burning silicon. I used an XP1700 the first time then a XP1800 the second. The place where I bought the chip will not refund my money or exchange it for a new one so I just lost $180.00. Is it possible that I have a bad Mother Board? Any thoughts would help.
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  1. It's more likely the fault of the water cooling setup. Contact Koolance and see what they say.

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  2. its a good idea to buy retail chips so you can send them back to AMD, but my guess is that your water cooling isn't hooked up correctly. If you have problems the second you turn you PC on then you probably don't have the water block applied all the way, or your not turning on your pump to get the water flowing before turning on your PC.

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  3. Hmm. I have the midsize koolance case, I am converting that over to a tower. Also, I did have the KR7A. It was a pain in the butt to set up the koolance case, but pretty much straight forward. One of the first things you do after you have all your lines connected is turn on the pump to get the coolant threw the lines and make sure there is not to many bubbles in the line. You should see some activity in the reservoir, indicating movement threw the line. And tighten down the CPU clap until it clicks and you can't tighten it anymore. If you did all that, I have no ideal why you fried you CPU.
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