Award BIOS beep codes - Is my Abit BP6 dead?

So, I think my BP6 is dead, but I'm not positive. I have read that AWARD has only two beep codes, one for video and one for memory, but I am getting an alternating, high tone, low tone, that goes on continuously. No video, nothing, even when I take out all cards, video, HD, etc.

I assume the thing is fried, but I just want to make sure... Is there a physical way to test the board, like using a voltmeter or multimeter or something and testing potential differences in key places? I don't know anything about that, but it's at least worth a shot...


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  1. I'm not positive, but I reckon your board is dust mate.

    I had something similar from an ST6-R.

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  2. Normally caused by a bad power filter capacitor-look for a swollen capacitor, you can actually replace these with midiocre soldering skills.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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