How do I know which Win 7 key activated which computer?

I've got 3 desktops, and 2 laptops that I've installed Win 7 on. (All legit before anyone asks). I didn't think of it when I installed, but now that I have to reinstall a computer I've run into a problem. I've got my cd keys and disks, but can't remember which key I used on which computer (and don't want to install the same key that's being used in another machine). Is there any way to figure out which key is on which computer? If I go under the control panel it just tells me the Product ID, but not the key. Thanks for any info.
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  1. The only thing I can think of is to contact Microsoft and provide the product key and any other info they may require, they will have a way to figure it out.
    Just explain your situation.
  2. Use a software called magical jellybean

    It will tell you what product key is used with the operating system
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. jellybean does not work with Win7
  5. The download from this link does.... This is a very useful piece of software
  6. It is also free
  7. someone also turned me onto this one recently:
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