Need some help about powersupply compatibility.

I have a 800mHz PIII GateWay, with a 200 watt power supply, and will soon upgrade to a Athlon XP1700 with a ECS motherboard. My question is, will my powersupply support that motherboard/chipset, or do I need to go out any get a 300W case/powersupply? Thanks.
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  1. Yes, I would say you will need a new power supply. Check out AMD's "Athlon Configuration" section here <A HREF=",,30_118_756_3734^4348,00.html" target="_new">,,30_118_756_3734^4348,00.html</A> for recommended power supplies. It'll give you an idea how much you'll need for that chip and any future upgrades you might consider. I like my Antec SX635 case/PS pretty well.

    my $.02

  2. The ECS boards all require a stout power supply.Make sure you choose one that is also supported by ECS.check out:

    and check out ECS PSU FAQ
  3. I suggest Enermax, 350 is enough, but if you have more bucks, buy the 450.

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  4. I have a 300W power supply powering a AthlonXP 1900+ how would I know if it's the power supply is at fault?....

    (the system is stable until i ask for a lot of processing eg games or DivX encoding)
  5. ps could be failing, set up a voltage monitor to log what happens to your voltages when you open the game or what ever. if they become erradic, your psu could have had it.

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  6. i know i have a cheap PS, hmmm, well you know when my computer dies it is just a system just freezes....

    so how can i set up a voltage log? i have Smartguardian installed....can i log through that, or do i need some other software?
  7. Fil: Yes, your PS probably is marginal, at best, for that system. Check the link given in one of the earlier messages to the OCWorkbench FAQ. You need a lot of current on the +5V and +3.3V lines and a minimum TCO (total combined output) for those two lines of 180 watts (note this is not the supplies overall total power spec). Suggest PC Power and Cooling, Antec, or Enermax, in that order. Sparkle is also supposed to make very good supplies.
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