ECS K7S5A boot problem...

heres my problem

on first boot of system it locks on a blank screen (WinXP pro)when reset it boots up fine, on win98 it gets so far booting up ten gives error loading vxd (no name given) then locks, also fine on reboot.

here`s the specs

K7S5A with thunderbird 1400 (runs at 39deg going up to 44 under load)
Gf3 ti200 (creative)
Audigy gamer
soft modem thingy (it was cheap)
network card (can`t remember name but it was also cheap)

2 20Gb hdd`s a maxtor(ata133) and a western digital(ata100)
256Mb ddr memory...

can anyone think of any reasons why this might be...
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  1. Have you disabled the onboard audio & modem stuff?

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