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Hi, I baught my system about a year and half ago. Ive had nothing but problems ever since.. Finally cut it down to board and had it replaced. System runs fine. Untill I get into AGP. For some reason when i run 3d accelerated games after about 5-10 minutes my pc will restart itself. No errors.. nothing.. just like hitting the reset button. Ive tried Win2k and XP Tried vendor specific drivers as well as Det for my Geforce. I have latest Bios and always am up to date on all drivers. I first thought PSU since its rather low in Watts.. but heres my wattage
Vcore Value = 1.78
2.5V Value = 2.63
3.3V Value = 3.38
5V Value = 5.10
12V Value = 12.48

my voltage specs from VIA hardware monitor

heres my system specs.

DFI AK76-SN Motherboard
AMD Athlon 1.2ghz 266fsb
256Mb DDR PC2100 memory
40gig ata100 fujitsu
8.4 gig maxtor
12x Aopen DVD rom
8x4x32 HP cd burner
MSI Geforce2MX/400 32meg
SoundBlaster Live value
Supra Express 56k modem
Microsoft Intelli Keyboard PS/2 mouse
Logitech Optical WHeel Mouse
250watt PSU
21" Trinitron

Thanks Dan
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  1. Run a program like Motherboard Monitor at an interval of about 10 seconds (saving to an html file is good)... and then run your game...

    When it crashes, take a look in the html log file made by Motherboard Monitor and see if those voltages (in particular, on 3.3 and 5v) dipped a lot when under strain. However, you initial voltages don't seem to indicate a power problem... but it is easy to check out.

    Also, for the graphics card try going back to the reference or basic drivers. I have heard of lots of problems with updated drivers, etc. for some people. It never hurts to try other versions to see if they fix your problems.

    Finally, the random reboot problem is one I had before that was related to a bad stick of ram. If you can try a different stick of ram give that a shot and see if it fixes things. You might also want to go into the System settings and change the 'reboot on error' setting so that you get a BSOD instead of just a reboot.... the BSOD might have useful info on it (or not)
  2. You need a bigger power supply. 250 watts simply is not enough power for the power-hungry Athlon and G-Force. I would recommend you get at least a 400 watt. Or, if you get a 300 watt, make sure you have at least 20 amps on the 3.3 volt line.

    You could try to switch the DIMM to the other slot before you get a power supply (although you should still get one). The AK76 is quirky with RAM. Also, if you plan on keeping that motherboard don't add more RAM. It won't work. All it seems to handle is 256MB.

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  3. HAHA Black Cat i see you know this board :) I baught a second 256 stick and the damn pc wont even boot with it. I will never purchase another DFI motherboard, but cannot afford another one right now nor the new powersupply so im going to try motherboad monitor as said, and ill also try switching sticks as well as slots.

    thanks for the help guys :)
  4. what is your processor temp? gpu temp could be the problem too.

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  5. One other thing regarding RAM: Make sure your CAS latency is set at its HIGHEST setting. You may have to tone down the other settings as well. Once you get the RAM situated this is a very stable board. Not a high-end gamer, however.

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  6. Processor temps never above 45 GPU isnt bad as I have a fan beside it. As for CAS latency the board autodetects all that.. so i dont really know what i would change all that to.
  7. The PSU might not be enough and maybe too much heat in your case. Try to open one side and run it.

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  8. I have a DFI AK76-SN and I was also thinking of adding another module of 256 Mb. Is it sure it will not work? or it just only happens with a limited number of these mobos? If it wouldn´t work I could go to the shop and have it replaced for another different brand mobo because it is in guarantee, but it will expire soon.
    Has anybody been able to install 2 modules of 256 Mb without any problem?

    Thanks in advance for any answer given.

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