My comp restarts on its own, plz help

I don't know what the problem is but off and on my computer screen will turn black and I'll hear a slight high pitched sound and my comp restarts to the bios and reloads XP. What's causing this?

My System:

MSI KT266A PRO2 mobo
AMD T-bird 1.2 GHZ
Asus geforce 2 gts 32mb ddr
turtle beach santa cruz sound card
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  1. With the little information you have given us, I would venture to say that your problem is an inadequate or failing power supply.

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  2. what other info would u like? I got a 300W PS. I have an 8x DVD burner, a 16X Plextor burner, a 40 Gig Maxtor 7200rpm HD, a generic ethernet card, a volcano 7 over the cpu, a back case fan and a blower in a pci slot.
  3. Usually, even with all that stuff, a decent 300 watt power supply would suffice. I say decent because a lot of generic cases have crapola power supplies made by L&C technologies and other fly-by-night companies. Frankly, these power supplies are dangerous. I've had several of them literally blow up. Inside, capacitors exploded. On one occasion almost causing a fire.

    You could also try updating the latest BIOS.
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    One other thing could be over aggressive RAM timings. You could try backing them down a bit. But more than likely it's your power supply. I have my K7T266 Pro 2 with the most aggressive settings and it works like a champ.

    Good luck.

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  4. Well, my case is generic and came with it's own PS so I'm guessing you're right, thx
  5. Get a good name brand like Antec or Enermax that has at least 400 watts. Nowadays their fairly inexpensive.

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  6. i had the same problem, enermax psu fixed it.

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