SOYO Dragon+

I am about to buy a SOYO Dragon+ mobo any recomendations would be appreciated.

The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
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  1. Sup, I checked one out at and it says that it suports up to 3gig of ram...but the tech note says it only support 1 gig...Just telling ya there might be some problems.

    My computer is slower than molasses.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, the soyo web site says that it does indeed support 3Gb, but we will see...

    The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
  3. i too am about to buy one, maybe, have you changed your mind for any reason?

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  4. I got a Dragon Plus 3 weeks ago and it is soooo sweet. This thing comes with some pretty nifty extras like the onboard network connections, extra audio optical connectors for the onboard 6-channel sound module, capability of 6 USB connectors.

    Well I'm sure you've seen THG's reviews. I bought this baby based on the reviews here and elsewhere. So far, I'm extremely happy with it.
  5. I ordered mine from newegg the other day can't wait to set it up with my retail 1900+ any body with and pointers out there feel free to throw them in.

    My signature really sucks.
  6. Dennis have you had any sound problems with yours? Saw a post from another guy that said he couldn't get his sound working. Also did you have to update your Bios. I ust purchased one at a show and i'm in the process of putting the new system together
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