few problems with first build. please help

built my first computer and turned it on but have a few problems. The one i am most worried about is a post code that is showing on my motherboard which is an epox 8kha+. Im getting post code 7F. Looked in motherboard manuel and all around the internet and on the epox website but can't find what it means. in the manuel they list several post codes but all of them are 3 digits. why are they 3 digits if only 2 digits can fit on the motherboard post code place? This really worries me to what this code means? also another problem i am having is when i turn the computer on it says "secondary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed." On my secondary IDE channel i have 2 cd drives so i thought i didn't need an 80 conductor cable. I just put the standard ATA 33 cable for the cd drives.why would it be saying that i need an 80 conductor cable on this channel? Im pretty sure though that an 80 conductor cable is installed on the primary IDE where my hard drives are. Any help with these problems would be appreciated. Especially the post code problem. Thanks.
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  1. Be sure the blue end of the 80 pin connector is installed on the mobo. Use the "master" jumper setting for your hardrive. The cable select mode doesn't work. Same for your cd's- use master and slave jumper settings. Check your auto detect settings in the very first section of the bios, and be sure none of your cables are installed backwards.
  2. why can't i use cable select? i was told this is the way to set it up. what about the post code? have any idea what it means? thanks.
  3. look in the back of your manual on pg B-5 (in the appendix)
    there is the code your looking for just leave the (h) off the end. if you notice there is a (h) after every one in the list but the (h) doesnt show on the board. if you cant get it fixed try e-mailing the Epox support team (e mail address is on the last page of the manual)

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  4. for more info on bios goto: www.bioscentral.com

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