How? New Bios on Asus A7V266-E and Win2000?

Hi --

I have had my Asus A7V266-E motherboard since December 26, 2001. I've been experiencing a number of system stability problems and want to upgrade to the latest Bios. I downloaded the file "" from the support site, but I have Windows 2000 so I am not sure how to load the new Bios. I installed the other updates for ata100 and 4in1 today also. So my biggest question here is <b>"how do I load the new Bios onto a windows 2000 system?"</b>
I had no problem with this back when I had 98, but I guess its different in 2000.

Also, I tried loading the Asus Probe software on my computer today, and as the install began it froze the computer -- now when I boot up the system, it prompts with the following error when the Windows 2000 login screen comes up:

<i>WINNT\system32\drivers\aslm75.sys device driver could not be loaded. Error status was 0xc000012f</i>

Every time I try to load the Asus Probe software now it freezes in that same place during installation. It installed fine the first time, however something corrupted my registry and I had to reinstall Windows fully a while back... now it doesn't work. Anyone know what's up with this, seen it before?

One other thing is when I boot the system, it hangs for 30 seconds or more while trying to detect the Promise 100... I am not using RAID at the moment. I heard that the latest Bios will allow this to be fixed - please let me know if this is not so and suggest the appropriate procedure to fix it.

Thanks a ton... I've wrote to Asus (what no phone support?! hehe) but have been waiting and no reply.


-- David
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  1. If you still have your Win98 Emergency boot disk, copy Command.Com, Drvspace.bin,
    IO.Sys and Msdos.sys to a formatted floppy disk. This will give you a boot disk.
    You need the latest Aflash.exe. and the latest 1006 final bios copied to the disk as well.
    Place the disk in your floppy drive and boot from the disk. Then type Aflash and follow
    the instructions.

    Most of us use<A HREF="" target="_new">Motherboard Monitor</A> which is a lot
    better than the error prone Asus probe.

    :smile: <font color=blue><b>You get what you pay for...all advice here is free.</b></font color=blue> :smile:
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