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See if you can help me... here is the message I left on hte Gigabyte board:

When I try to install WIndows XP... during the initial setup... when the screen is still blue with white text... an error occurs when files start being copied over to the hard drive. I have tried several different harddrives and cd-rom drives. I have tried 3 different XP disks. I have tried 2 different cases... the only items I did not try to swap out were the motherboard... which is a GA-7VRXP... and the ram which is Corsair PC2700 memory. Please help... I am using the bios version that came with the board and I did not see any updates on this site. THank you for your help!

Again this is the new GA-7VRXP Gigabyte mobo... Maxtor ATA133 drive... Please help

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  1. what does the error message say?
  2. It says... error copying file It errors out on a different file every time.
  3. haha i like the fact that you tried 2 different cases. what we won't do when we are desperate... jk.

    anyway that sounds like a possible memory problem to me. i experienced the exact same problem when installing win2000 with some garbage generic memory.

    i would try running your memory at pc2700 CL2.5 or even pc2100 CL2.5. i have already heard of stability issues with that corsair you have. Tom for example, couldnt even get it working at pc2700 CL2.

    if i were you i'd try testing it with some crucial memory. (you can borrow some from they have a 30 day refund period)

    i'd also recommend upgrading to the latest bios if they ever have any updates. and make sure tbe bios settings are default. you dont want to be tweaking anything yet like running that corsair memory too fast.

    you should be doing this with the bare minimum hardware installed. i.e. mobo, cpu, memory, video, cdrom, and hard drive. make sure those jumpers are set right.

    good luck, let me know when you figure out what the problem was.
  4. Hey thanks Homer...

    Man that would really suck if my corsair sticks end up being crap. I paid 140 bucks a piece for those puppies.

    During my last atempt last night I had only the hard drive, cd-rom, display adapter and memory attached to the mobo. I will try to take the cas down to 2.5. I do n ot have controll of the memory bus speed though. The options are either 333 or auto. I did however set the bios settings to "Fail Safe". Doing that had no effect on my issue. I am assuming that loading the "Fail Safe" defaults slows the speed of the memory... right...?

    Anyway, if the memory is crap... who else sells good pc2700 memory? How is KingMax pc2700? I may go at lunch or on my way home and pick some up at a local comp store.

  5. I have heard some positive comments on Kingmax BGA memory modules. I haven't checked any DDR stuff out but I have an older system with Kingmax133 and it will clock a good bit over spec (P3-800 gets over 1GHz easily...approx mid/high 150's low 160's on FSB). I think alot of Aussie's are using it because it's a pretty good bargain there. I read a review of Kingmax PC2700. Was solid at 333 but wouldn't go much higher than that. OC to less then 340 I think.

    My ramblings may not help but at least it's something.

  6. Thanks Calendil,

    I went out at lunch and purchased some KingMax pc2700 memory. If anything just to see if the CorSair sticks I bought are crap. I am going to apply more compound to my cpu and swap this KingMax in. That hopefully, will do the trick. If not... then I will have to RMA this board and get the Asus or Soltek when they come out.

  7. Hey thanks for the memory tip Homer...

    I tried to increase the CAS to 2.5 and it worked perfect. I paid a pretty penny for this Corsair memory that was supposed to run at CAS 2.0. I will be RMAing these sh^t sticks for sure.

    Thank you all for your help...
  8. well there you have it folks! yet another example. that corsair 2700 cl2 memory is garbage it doesnt run at its rated speed!
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