Help No posting

New abit KR7-A
New amd XP 1700+
256MB crucial DDR

Switch on, and no post (fans and lights OK). Could a broken floppy be responsible, or is it a power supply prob?

(I have 230W output PSU)
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  1. check all your wiring on your mobo and try turn it on without the floppy that u suspect is borken,
  2. Wow man, we are gonna need a LOT more info in order to help out. First off, 230 watts is NOT gonna cut it. you need at least a 300 watt. More is better.
    You got fans and lights? Ok, is your ram seated good? CHECK IT AGAIN
    2. try another video card. Every do-it-yourself type has a piece of crap video card laying for just this reason
    3. are you getting any beeps?
    4. I have never heard of a floppy disk causing a boot failure (unless there is a disk in it)
    5. Did you smell anything funny when you booted up?
    6. What kind and size ( in watts) is your power supply
    7. If the board has jumpers, try setting the FSB LOWER and see if you can post. (see manual for fsb jumper settings)
    8. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
    9. What OS are ya using, is it a new hard drive. If its an old hard drive did you format it first.
    10. If its a new hard drive did you partition it, format and install on OS?
    11. If you didnt install an OS did you at least make a system (boot) disk?
    12. Are you sure your RAM is in DIMM 1 (only of minor importance)
    13. Pull everything out of the PCI slots, try to boot --- any luck?
    14. If it will boot with no PCI cards, then try installing them back in one at a time and that way you cna isolate the problem pci card.

    *** i could go on for days here-- but try some of the above, gimme some more info....

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  3. I agree on the PSU. Go for 350W. That will keep you going for a while to come.

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  4. yea texas is right...
    first check all your hardware connections... they should be plugged in tight and ofcourse at the right place ;) and after you have checked your hardware than chk your software( OS, BIOS) etc... if ur hardware is fine than try clearing your CMOS and reboot if after reboot the system doesnt start than format ur hard disk coz whenever u upgrade your hardware or atleast install a new mobo/cpu/gfx card etc... most of the time u need to format your hard disk... if u have not done that do it.
    hope it works

  5. OK more info:

    abit KR7A motherboard
    256MB DDR Crucial RAM
    Ge Force gladiac 511 TV
    PSU 230W (+5,+12,-5,-12,+3.3)
    Maxtor 40GB D740x 6L

    Thanks for advice so far, PSU @350w and new floppy on their way.

    I am certain all my hardware is plugged in well and I've tried with an old AGP card instead of my gladiac and i've cleared the CMOS.

    Still no posting. Lights and fans only.

    Questions while I wait for my new hardware:

    1. Should I partition my new drive (see above), if so why?

    2. Will my new motherboard be able to support my old HDD as secondery slave to my new one. The maxtor runs at 133, my old drive at 33. Is this a problem?
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