NTFS errors...help asap plz


i didn't know where i had to place this question, so don't shoot me if it's on the wrong place!

I have an
-AMD Athlon 2500+ barton core
-512mb ram @333hz
-ABIT NF7-s mobo
-Ati radeon 9600 128mb
-Windows XP Dutch version (Home edition)
-Maxtor diamondmax plus 9, 80gig ATA/133

I putted this computer together the usual way i do (i'm not a noob in this), formatted the hard disk with quick NTFS structure and I installed windows xp and everything works. 2days later suddenly while the PC was booting i get the message "the following file /system32/ntfs.sys is corrupt of missing, you can try to repair this file with the Windows XP cd".
OK, i try to repair it, but it doesn't work. I formatted the whole disk and this time i took the long NTFS structure. Again everything installed...1day later...same failure!
again i formatted, but again..a day later it crashed.

now is my question...what's the problem here? a bad harddisk? or something else?
plz help me, because i need this pc asap for my school work!!

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  1. Check your parts whether anything is loosen in your PC. I have this warning once when my old P3 RAM was loosen. Just tighten it and it works.

    May not be the same for all the cases, but worth a try.

    P4 1.7Ghz @ 2GHz, 512MB PC800 RDRAM, 64MB Abit Ti4200, 60GB Maxtor, 120GB Western Digital, 48x24x42 TDK CDRW, 16X ASUS DVDROM, SB! live 5.1DE, Lifeview 3000 TV card
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