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i recently recieved an older gigabyte GA-6BXC with a celron 400 in a slot adapter. well i tried to power it on and it wouldn't. moved the cmos jumper and tried again, now when i post it i get a beep code, 1-long 3-short, and the system freezes. it has a trident 8 or 16 MB AGP video card and 64MB ram. anybody have any idea as to what that beep code could mean.

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  1. Well 1 long and 2 short is video for Award.

    1 long and 3 short is video for AMI.

    GA-6BXC is Award.

    So I'm guessing, but I'd say video or RAM. Re-seat or swap to test.

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  2. The beep codes will more than likely be explained in either the mother board manual or the manufaturers web site. They will refer to them as Post codes

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  3. sounds like a dead/"not fully inserted" video card to me...
    in other words...check your video may be dead or isnt pushed all the way into the AGP port.

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  4. thanks thats what i thought, but unfortunatly the only extra video cards i have aren't compatible with that version

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