c 6 Audio CMI8738/c3dx freakshow

Ok, after a long and brutal battle against the no-audio monster, I have the Soyo onboard sound working...Sort of.

Only plays my 2 speakers in *4* speaker mode, and games auto-reset me to 2 speaker mode, which works not at all...>Oh, and my speakers have to be jacked into the Out 2,which is for the 2nd set of speakers, to work at all...The first jack gives me nothing....

This is all using the seperate modual for output.

It handn't worked AT ALL earlier, until I re-installed windows. Now, it half-assed works.

Anyone who has had problems with this thing, please let me know your secrets to success.

Soyo Dragon Plus
512mb 2100
Visiontech Xtc ti 500
Generic PCI Card

and tryin to run onboard sound.


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  1. I have problems with my onboard sound too.My mb is the soyo dragon ultra.My issue is that the sound works with Win98,but doesnt with ME,or XP.ME and XP will play demo files,and cd's,but nothing winows related.Your not alone.:)

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  2. If its a CMI8738 chip you might try their website for the latest drivers or the Soyo site.

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  3. try to remove your generic PCI card or try to put it in a different slot. Maybe this card generate IRQ conflict with the inboard sound. This generic PCI card is for what purpose ?

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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