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Hey all,

This weekend I was doing a temperature test on my CPU with the case closed up because I was sick of the noise of having the case open all the time. Well, I don't have very good air circulation in the case, so I wanted to see how well it would run. While inspecting the operation of the CPU fan, I noticed the Northbridge fan wasn't spinning, so I tapped it with my finger and it started up.

My question is, could the heat expansion cause the memory control portion of my northbridge to fry? Or is it more likely that I fried my memory chip? The motherboard temperature was running at around 41 degrees celsius with the case closed, and that's obviously way high, but I think the fact that the northbridge fan wasn't working 100%, might have caused the majority of the damage to it, and probably played a major part in how warm my motherboard was.

The next day when I turned on the PC I got a continuous chain of long beeps. (In the manual it says that beep code is for memory problems.)

Does anybody have experience with something like this? This sort of thing should be covered by warranty, right?

In case some of you are wondering what my CPU temperature was up to, it was reading at 58 degrees Celsius, which is again simply too high. The computer was idling, so I didn't try doing anything extensive, that temp is simply too high.
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  1. Well, good news. I took the board into the place I bought it, and the tech guy there concluded the same thing I had: That the northbridge was damaged because of the high temperature, so they replaced my board under warranty.
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