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I'm currently having problems trying to read DVD's using Windows 2000 cant seem to 'backup' the VOb files to my HDD. I'm using a Pioneer-113 DVD drive.
When I try and use special software to rip the VOB files off the software goes through as normal not complaining but nothing ever seems to be copied from the DVD drive :(

The really strange thing is that if I try to play a VOB file straight from the DVD drive in Media Player I get the error message :
"The Maximin number of secrets that may ne stored in a single system has neem exceeded"

This is also the error message I get if I try and do a simple file copy of a VOB file off the DVD disc.

What on earth does it mean by a secret?? Also anyone have a clue as to where my problem is?

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  1. Now that is one wierd set of problems!!!

    Out of curiosity what DVD are you trying to 'backup'? Is it a new disc/all discs etc.?

    I have copied 'some' DVD files to HDD in the past, for educational and backup purposes of course, and never had a problem.

    I wonder if it is a new disc and has some form of copy/read protection in the way of The Patriot for new scripted region protection?


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  2. I managed to solve the problem a couple of days ago..
    Seemed to be dodgy ASPI drivers that I was running under Win2k.. I shoved another wnaspi32.dll driver in and it seemed to work fine!

    Now I can play and rip DVD's as much as I want...

    The down side to this story is that the next time I rebooted the machine after updating ASPI, it just blue screens so it looks like Win2k will have to be re-installed ..

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