BTD-V201 USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter Compatibility

I am looking to buy a Bluetooth dongle, and I'm wondering if the BTD-V201 USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter from AZiO Corp. will work with Windows 8. The product is listed on Microsoft's compatibility page, but no one has submitted any reports as of yet.
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  1. Hello,

    On the Win-8 hardware compatability list, the BTD-V201 USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter, is confirmed compatable with Win-7.
    However, it does not say it's Win-8 compatable. Says check with manufacturer, and their page does not list it as Win-8 compatable.

    It doesn't say it is NOT compatable either. I would guess the Win-7 downloadable driver would work, but at this point I'd wait for confirmation, or choose one that is Win-8 compatable.

    Nothing more frustrating that trying to get a hardware item to function properly, when you don't know for sure if it even is supposed to work or there is an interface driver available.
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