does it really matter if I get a kt333 motherboard

Well the store im ordering from has no ETA on when they will get the new soltek drv5 (kt333) board in so I might just get the soltek drv4 (kt266a) out of impatience ;).. Is this an okay decision? the drv4 is about $40 (cdn) cheaper also.. I'm going to be getting pc2100 ram, so I imagine the kt333 chipset will have minimal to no impact on my system? Am I correct?

Even when looking to the horizon for upgrading.. the kt333 will most likely be obsolete by the time I upgrade my box in the future to a clawhammer or whatever else is out at the time.. but I want someone here to make me feel better about this decision :)

:edit: I noticed the soltek sl-75erv is out, the successor to the drv4.. so I'd probably go with that not the drv4.
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  1. Hey C,

    Yeah to me it sounds like a good idea! I mean either you need a system or you don't. You need a system, and you could wait a lifetime waiting for the "Perfect" system: mobo, ram, cpu, chipset, or video card to be released. Something will always be better(& cheaper), system speed only lasts 3 months tops, then something else is faster. Bottom line: I think it is better to have something today, than "maybe" something next month(or the next+ 2 weeks shipping). Good Choice.

    Peace Out............tile

  2. yeah thats what I was thinking, thanks for making me sure though :) cant wait to get the new comp so I'm in no mood to wait for some unknown date when the board might be in stock. I really want a geforce4 ti4400 tho so I hope those come in soon atleast ;).. atleast if I specify the motherboard and everything else I can have the whole system built and then shove in the geforce4 when it arrives! Cant wait.

    (reason im in a hurry is im turning 19 on the 7th so ill be gettin a new comp for my birthday, yeeeeahooo :))
  3. well I have the 75-DRV2 (which is identical to the DRV4, but without UDMA 133 support)

    and after a few glitches it works fine and is very fast with my 1900+ i wouldn't bother waiting for KT333, especially if you're getting PC2100 RAM
  4. I would wait for the KT333A. Knowing VIA, the KT333 will, at first, be slower than the KT266A, following the traditition of previous chipsets.

    I'm just kidding of course, I actually have a KT133A, but I seriously would wait a month or two just in case. And besides, since Athlons aren't memory bandwidth limited, I don't think you'll get too much of a performance gain from DDR333. Trust me, my system is running at 335 MHz FSB, and as cool as it looks, the processor doesn't really benifit from the extra bandwidth. Who knows about AMD's new processors though, maybe they need DDR333.


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