dancing polies?!?!? help plz

O.k. here's what I'v got:

amd athlon xp 1700+
asus a7v266-e
msi g4mx440

The problem:

so far i'v had problems playing 3 games
1.sacrifice: froze as soon as game loaded
fix: edited reg32 as per microsofts directions:
seems to have worked
2.no one lives forever: the polygons seem to move around, the background polys jump to the front and characters are obscured by everything, fix: need one
3.(dont laugh)typing of the dead: same problem as 2. fix: need one

plz help i'v looked on the sites and don't seem to be able to find anything that helps

any ideas would be great tia

p.s. i realize this may not be the right place but i cant find anything so i'm diggin for anything anywhere
sorry for any inconvienance(spelling is not my best suit)

p.p.s.another problem has come to my attention msn messenger won't load. if i try the desktop icons and taskbar disapear and then reappear, but no msn. again anything would be helpful

Where the hell is the power botton on this damned thing!!!
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  1. hi! i've see ur problem b4!may i ask u some question?
    how much big in ur computer's hard disk?i mean ...maybe ur hard disk was not enough for ur 3 games!And i think it is not suitable for play gameing when u use win2k!i think u can try win98 will make ur game run better!hmm.. maybe i am not correctly.But u can go our homepage to ask our company engineer.
    my email
  2. thanks for the ideas but i got it all worked out. i installed service pack 2 and all was fine. thanks anyway

    Where the hell is the power botton on this damned thing!!!
  3. yeah, the new service pack for win2k makes it good for gaming...
    and since it is much more stable than 98....it would make sense that it is better than 98 for gaming....


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
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