problems with call of duty 2 pc demo

okay ive downloaded it from about 3 diff sites and when i click on the icon to install i get this error message:

c:/documents and settings/name/my documents/cod2demo.exe is not a valid win32 application,

now this dosnt make since cause i running window xp profesional and it clearly said it was for window xp, any ideas on the prob guys, i want to get this working so i can compare it to its xbox 360 counterpart, and see which graphics are the best, thinks guys.
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  1. Hmm, tried running it with compatibility mode? Technically you shouldn't have to, but try anyway.
  2. well i got a download of one that worked, and i have to say that the graphics are on par with the xbox 360 version, and im only running a 9800 pro 256 bit, 128 mb, athlon 64 3000 socket 754 and 1 gig ram. WOOOOWWW, is the graphics awesome. I love the fact that i can play next generation games on my pc without having to get a xbox 360. ill be upgrading to a 9800 pro 256 mb card here in a month to get so i can have a 256 mb card, and slightly higher clock speed. i hope they continue to put out more next generation games on the pc in the future. what are some more next generation game demos i can download except for half life 2, doom, and starship troopers??
  3. I'm surprised, I have a 9800XT, 1gb ram and xp2600 oc'd over 3200 levels and my pc struggled with CoD2 or at least wouldn't run at a speed I was happy with. My monitors native rez doesn't help matters mind u.
  4. well my graphic setting are :

    video mode: 800x600
    texter fillter: trilinear
    anti ailaising: 4x
    number of dynamic lights: high
    model detail: normal
    feather smoke: off
    body count: tiny

    my framerates are good at that to, im happy with a game as long as the framerates are over 20-30. NOt to mention i have a athlon 64 3000 verses your athlon xp 2600 and that might make a diff to.
  5. wait wait wait so your buying a 9800pro 256mb card to replace your 128mb need a new graphics card if you just spend a little extra you can get alot more, i mean thats pointless. get a 6600 gt atleast, and if your selling your old card i might be interested ; )
  6. Never noticed that, yeah your wasting your time there narhic. If I was upgrading from my 9800xt I wouldn't go for anything less than a 6800gt and I'd recommend you do the same. You won't really see any improvements with a 256mb 9800 pro.
  7. well the main reason i would be getting it would be for the 256 mb ram. I know its not much of an inprovement on the clock speed 380mhz(pro 128mb) 400mhz(256mb), but the main reason i would do it is for the memory. Im pretty sure though that ive decided to go with a 9800xt 256 mb card since you can get those now for under 180 dollars. I would like to get more but my funds are real limited, ill know for sure what im able to get when christmas comes around and ive sold the 9800pro card.
    there ya go it will outproform the 9800pro in almost every way, although i thing paying 80 dollers more for a 256mb version is ludacris i think you should check out the other ones as they are selling for only 99.00 dollers right now. and if you want to recoup some expenses i might be interested in your 9800pro.
  9. its pci express you dumb*ss lol j/k man but i think hes looking for and AGP card.
  10. yeah agp. I found a 256mb, 256 bit 9800 xt on pricewatch for $167.00 and that includes shipping the company got a good rating to.

    check it out and let me see what you guys think about it. I might go with a refurbished card from newegg, but doubt it. I bought a refurbed 9800 pro from newegg but when got it, it was defective and i sent it back, and instead went with a new one, and im glad it did cause the fan went out on it for no reason. But still they only charge like 70 something dollars to fix a card so maybe i will go with a refurb as long as it works when i get it, lol, unlike the the first refurb one i got from newegg. i just dont like the fact of spending over 150 dollars on something with only a 30 day warinty.
  11. You obviously sweat the minuscule details a bit more than necessary! :lol: 8)
  12. haha its the little things that count.
  13. but putting a new fan on a video card would have been really easy. I probally should have just done that so i wouldnt have had to send it in, lol. how well built of most video card honestly speaking, if you dont overclock and stuff? The only thin i know is that if i do buy a refurb one that usually means its had a problem to begin with. What experiences have you guys had with refurbed video cards?
  14. Refurbs imo are a great deal if discounted 20% or more and are probably more likely to not be DOA, since they most likely were repaired if necesary and tested working ok before shipping to you.
    Warranty and product is identical to those retail ones.
  15. Fine dont listen to me your loss.
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