Nfs most wanted pc verses nfsmw ps2, xbox, and xbox360

so the question is, with all the little goodies turned up on the pc how does the nfsmw come out graphical wise compared to the ps2 ,xbox and even the xbox 360. I want to make sure before i buy the pc version there will be better graphics on the pc version before waisting money on the pc version when i can just go out and buy the ps2 version. would be nice if the graphics are close to xbox 360 version, or at least in some parts of the game. i download the pc demo but havnt been able to compare it yet. hope someout there has.

i have a athlon 64 3000 , radeon 9800 pro 256 bit, 128 mb card, and 1 gig of pc3200 ram.
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  1. lets see whatd the article say, xbox 360 is supposed to theoretically be 50 times faster than the regular xbox. this is how it goes ps2 will likely have the worst graphics, then your pc you probably wont be able to run it at full settings, and then xbox 360 would be the best although if you had a better vid card you could get higher res than the xbox 360.
  2. well i played the ps2 version and it dosnt even compare to the pc. and yes, with my athlon 60 3000, 9800 pro 128mb, and 1 gig of ram, i am able to play with the detail on max supprisingly. I love the detail of the pc. THe road, sighns, cars, everything. Hopefully someone out there will be able to compare it to xbox360.
  3. Hopefully they will be able to run the xbox version in High definition, otherwise your limited to the tv resolution which is lower the 640x480. I think its like 512x4??. Not totally sure but know its lower.
  4. i actually think its 800x600 dude.
  5. Yeah, the N64 was close to (or at?) 640x480. The "current" generation of consoles is a higher resolution than that.

    800x600 or TV equivilent would be correct, yes.
  6. Ya i still love playing emus, man that harvest moon 64 is addictive.
  7. Check this page
    it says:
    For NTSC, the picture occupies approximately 480 of the 525 scan lines. For broadcasts the portion of a scan line that is visible can hold up to about 440 dots so a grid 480 high by 440 wide represents the maximum amount of picture detail possible.

    So no its not 800x600.
    Also check this page which includes more info.
    So unless your running in HD you wont get anywhere close to what a computer resolution can do.
  8. damn cheapass t.v. makers...cmon like 2048x**** on a what 26 inch moniter? why could they do 800x600 on a 40 inch!!
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