Soyo Dragon Performance issue?

Just purchased a Dragon+ and I seem to be having some performance issues. While in a game, and a new scene loads, I get low frame rates. What concerns me is that 3d performance is worse that it was on my P3 1gig w/ 256 meg of ram with the same os and game settings. I have My 75gig (ata100 turned on and DMA selected in device manager) on IDE1, CDRW on IDE2, DVD on IDE3, 20gig on IDE4. Install order was 2k Pro os on a clean formatted drive, Direct X, drivers, Via 4-in-1 (Newest off site), then software. What I'm using:
512 Meg Crucial 2100
Athlon Xp 2000+ (Retail)
Volcano 7 HSF (temps are 40-45c)
IBM 75gig ATA100 7200rpm drive
Radeon 64 VIVO
420w AMD approved ps

If any suggestions can be made as to what this might be, I would appreciate it.
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  1. I don't know Dragon's, but I would check your BIOS and make sure your settings are set properly. Make sure that your processor and RAM and set up properly and your graphics card (it may be stuck in 1x mode or something like that) Also, make sure that UltraDMA is enabled in both the BIOS and in Windows. Make sure that you have patched the games, defragged, and checked for device conflicts. My guess is that it has something to do with your hard drive or CPU - since those are what would be running the hardest when something new has to load. You may have to flash the BIOS to the newest version to support the XP2000+ or to eliminate any compatibility errors. <shrug> hope that helps. maybe someone with a dragon will know a bit more about that board.
  2. I sorta had a "slow" problem with my Dragon Plus when I first fired it up. Then I switched it to "Turbo" mode in the BIOS and it immediately got faster.
  3. I would also like to add that I have reloaded my old system (P3 1 gig), same drives, case, psu, cables and harddrive tests are coming in more above what they were on the Dragon+, both on the IDE and Promise Raid. I can't believe I would have to switch to Turbo mode to make the board perform normally, that's not right.
  4. I have almost the same system. I put my HD's on IDE3&4 and I'm not using RAID. Try that. I seem to recall seeing on SOYO site to put the HD's on IDE3&4 even if not using RAID.

  5. But I've read in the newsgroups that setting TURBO in the BIOS disables USB.

  6. Can you guys Explain RAID?

    Thanks, Rob

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