1st Duel System Help pls

Over the years I've found the folks that hang here to be pretty good at advice. So I've got my first big question. What Motherboard for the following cpu set up in duel config:
CPU - (2)P4 1.7GHz
RAM - open to DDR or RDRAM
HDD - IDE (can't afford SCSI)
GPU - GeForce 3Ti 500
Nic - Built on or Intel Nic I got laying around somewhere =)
will also have a cd burner and dvd drive and no 64bit components.
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  1. you are referring to xeons i hope?
    supermicro's p4dce+
    i don't believe there is a board w/out 64/66 pci slots. the i860 boards are targetted for servers/highend workstations where they want those.

    I run duals because i multitask between notepad, outlook express and winamp :lol:
  2. Man, I got a boner looking at that thing at SuperMicro's site. And compared to prices on their boards in the past, a good value.
    But I shriveled back down after seeing the cost of Xeon processors.
    As much as I hate to say it, maybe one of the dual athlons would be the way to go.

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  3. yep. i was this || close to buying one of those this past week. not starting a flame war or anything and i'm not saying intel cpus are junk. but i didn't go with that because intel cpus aren't that impressive at this point in time to me.

    I run duals because i multitask between notepad, outlook express and winamp :lol:
  4. Yep - oops, can't run P4s in dual systems, gotta have the P4 Xeon. I hope you get paid a lot.

    With that you are fixed on i860 and RDRAM.

    You will get 64bit and 66mhz slots so some of your cards may not work if they are not keyed to run and set at the right voltages for the 64/66 slots.

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  5. What do you want to do with it?

    If you want dual Xeons you want SCSI. You'll also want to wait for the 133 FSB Xeons. I'd recommend a <A HREF="http://www.serverworks.com/products/GCWS.html" target="_new">Serverworks GC</A> based motherboard.

    - JW
  6. So the only way I'm gonna build a duel system for less than $2500.00 is to go with an AMD Athlon MP rig? Does anyone know what's a good Mobo for that? I want to start with a nice foundation for my PC, far as I am concerned the Mobo and case/ps are the most important things.

    I've seen post complaining about problems with the Soyo Dragon so I'm not touching that one.

  7. Quote:
    concerned the Mobo and case/ps are the most important things

    yes and no. any component can render a system unusable so if you'll actually be doing work with it, you might want to take the little extra time to research all the components and see who/if anyone is having problems with setups that are close to yours. i just got a tigerMP (not MPX) and 2x xp1800's (was going to go with 1700's, but i have no will-power :smile: ). why did i go with the MP? it's been out a while and it's proven to be stable. performs the same as the MPX, but doesn't suffer the bugs that the MPX does (usb, cpus not being recognized, 64/66 pci slots). maybe in 2 revisions the MPX might be a really nice board. but for the time being i'll put my money with the MP. oh did i mention the usb on the MP works? ya people say "dude, they give you a usb2.0 card!!" well, anything a mobo has onboard i want functional, because 1. there isn't that many devices using the 2.0 standard and 2. if/when i want usb2 i'll go buy the card.

    I run duals because i multitask between notepad, outlook express and winamp :lol:
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