Flashing power light?

Anyone have any ideas on what would cause my power light to flash on and off constantly? It happens about every 4-5 days, or if I leave the system on contiuously 3-4 days. To clear it, I have to unplug the power or switch the power supply switch off. System: 1000 mhz T-Bird, ECS K7S5a, (2) 256mg DDR 266mhz ram, Future Power 400w PSU,WD 30GB 7200 HD, USR 56k hardware modem, HP 9100 CDRW, Acer 50x CD-Rom, GeForce Pro 64mg, Diamond 300mx sound, system temp 27C, CPU temp 44C
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  1. that is what happens when the computer goes into sleep mode, or standby mode.
    or is it doing it during normal windows use?
    if it is, i dont know what is going on...


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  2. Everything is still running, it's just when the light starts flsshing, the system becomes unstable and/or locks up
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