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I recently got a new computer with a Pentium 4 motherboard. In my previous PC I had a card (ISA) for a parallel port which I had hoped to install in my new computer. When I tried to install it on the Pentium 4 motherboard, I realized that there were not any ISA slots only PCI slots.

Can a PCI slot be adapated to preform as an ISA slot? Maybe some kind of a mechanical device (connector/adapater.) This device would allow a ISA card to be pluged into a PCI slot.

Any information on this adapation will be greatly appeeciated.


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  1. i doubt it...and besides...ISA slots are a dying if not dead thing...you wont find anything new using ISA slots...

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  2. Why do you need an extra parallel port?

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  3. Larry - You're not going to get that ISA card in there. You can look for a PCI version, or, if you just need it for a printer, have a look for a USB->Parallel adaptor.

    - JW
  4. I have an unused USB connection. Do you think I can use it for a HP scanner? I want to have a printer, tape drive, and the scanner connected all at one time so I need at least two parallel type ports. Right now I have my printer connected through the tape drive and the tape drive pluged into the PC's only parallel port but I do not have a port for the scanner. Do you know if there is a adaptor to covert the scanner plug to a USB plug?

    Thanks for your help, I do not know too much about USB ports yet.


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  5. Parallel scanners have parralel pass-through, why don't you connect your parallel port to the tape drive to the scanner to the printer?

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  6. yes, most parallel port scanners have a pass through printer connection. else, just buy a USB scanner. as a matter of fact, you even get USB->parallel convertors!

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  7. ISA slots are dead! the PC99 standard specifies against having them!

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  8. Larry - Those inventive people over at Belkin have come up with <A HREF="http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=&Section_Id=1999&pcount=&Product_Id=122718&Section.Section_Path=//Root/USB/PCProducts/Adapters/" target="_new">these</A> handy little doodads (sp?).

    I don't know if you can put a scanner or tape drive on one but you can put your printer on it and daisy chain you scanner and tape drive on the parallel port.

    - JW
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