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1) I may be purchasing the Abit TH7 II - RAID motherboard for a pentium 4 1.8a northwood processor. My intent is to overclock(of course) and I was wondering what BIOS this motherboard comes equipped with and if I can easily set the FSB in it? In other words, i'm wondering what you guys(fatburger and others come to mind) are using to increase the FSB/vcore of your pentium 4 systems with the Abit TH7 II. If you guys are using a different version BIOS than what comes with the board, which I assume, then could you please put a link to the BIOS you are using here.

2) I plan on purchasing the Abit TH7 II with the integrated IDE RAID for future capabilities. Does this mean that I can use my existing PCI IBM SCSI 40gb 7200rpm drive normally? Basically, i'm asking if I have to utilize the IDE RAID on the motherboard or if I can just use my PCI SCSI IBM drive for now till I decide to upgrade.

3) The pentium 4 (socket 478) 1.8ghz should overclock the same as a pentium 4 1.6ghz (socket 478) with the only difference being that the 1.8 can be overclocked higher than the 1.6, correct?

4) Just to confirm, the Abit T7 II - RAID does in fact lock the AGP and PCI speeds at 66 and 33mhz no matter what the FSB is right?

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  1. well the yes the motherboard does keep the agp and the pci bus at 66 and 33 erespective of what FSB the mobo is at. but it seem to have a certain weird bug. it will cold boot sometimes. lessens if the rambus is set to 300 mhz. if i were you and i have a lot of cash , i'd go with the on board raid. with 2 7200 rpm ide hd,it's way way faster than scsi 7200. and double the space too if you use the same size storage.

    TH7II - RAID P4 1.6Ghz @ 1.8Ghz, 256MB Radeon 7500 64MB DDR, 2*20Gig hd in raid 0. SB Audigy
  2. 1) I'll gladly email mine to you. It gives up to 1.85v. This board offers up to I think 225MHz in 1MHz increments.

    2) I'm using a PCI RAID controller, it works essentially the same way as a SCSI controller. In other words, yes, you can.

    3) Higher overall, but possibly not higher percentage-wise. The 1.6A is the best bang for the buck.

    4) Yes it does, it takes a few tries to get it to actually initialize.

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