XP to Windows 7?

Well right now I'm making a Windows XP 32 bit bootable USB so that I can install xp on my new build that doesnt have an optical drive but I want to go to windows 7 64 bit since windows 7 wont fit on this USB. My question is will I be able to mount the student copy of windows 7 my shcool game me as an image and just install it without using like a boot disk? Just running the installer from XP?
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  1. Hi.

    No u can't.
  2. Really? I remember being able to run the windows 7 installer from the drive and just installing it from there.
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    Yeah u can run it from there but after that the PC needs be rebooted and in that point u will not able to continue with the installation from the image.
  4. Why would you build a new pc and not include an optical drive, they are not very expensive.
    In any case you will either have to purchase one or a usb flash drive of at least 4 GB capacity to fit Windows 7 before you can install it.
  5. I might just take out the optical drive from my sister's HP computer just to install windows 7 ^_^
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