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I have a motherboard with nothing but 256MB in RAM on it....not even peripherals. However, as soon as I turn the power button on, beeps start, about 1 second appart and never stop. What could this be?

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  1. You don't give much to work with. Probably bad memory.

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  2. does it at least have a cpu in it?
    if so...it could mean that your cpu is over heating...i dunno...give us more info. about your system...

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  3. bad RAM! try reseating the DIMMs or switching the slots.

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  4. Tell me you've got a hard disk attached.

    Please tell me!!!!


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  5. Quote:
    Tell me you've got a hard disk attached.

    Please tell me!!!!

    Why? Not needed to just test the MB, enter BIOS, etc.

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  6. You do have a video card and keyboard attached as well correct?
  7. If all you have is a mobo/Proc, PSU, and RAM attached, those beeps indicate no drives are being found by the CMOS and/or there is no Video BIOS found. Basically, it is the mobos way of saying HTF do you expect to SEE anything, not to mention BOOT the system up to a point where you can even USE the RAM. RAM problems, if you have them, will start to show themselves almost immediately once you start to actually write to RAM (ie install an OS, etc.). Those beeps are simply telling you the system cannot find enough things to constitute a system, so you either A) Need to give me something OR B) Replace what you HAVE given me, because it sucks.

    Just putting a mobo/Proc with RAM on a PSU isn't going to tell you anything about the RAM.
  8. Is this specific to a certain board? Because I can take my ABIT KT7 or my Soyo Dragon Plus with nothing in any of the IDE ports, and poke around in the BIOS and even get the Info screen up (before it tries to boot). It will only complain at that point. But this is well past RAM posting.

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  9. Well, heh, I didn't know you had a video card installed, as you didn't mention that. You shouldn't need anything else attached but PSU, mobo/Proc, RAM, and Video in order to access the BIOS setup. The beeps are specific to the BIOS used (AMI, Award, etc.). After considering your problem, I need to amend my statement. If you are getting those beeps immediately with VIDEO attached, than it might just be your RAM. I was under the impression you had just turned the system on with nothing but proc and RAM on, and therefore assumed it was a video thing. Just look up the beep codes for the mobo you are using. So yes, you CAN tell something is wrong with your RAM in that case, sorry for being unclear.
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