is there a bios update for the original abit KT7?

i've upgraded the cpu to an t-bird 1.4, but the bios softmenu only goes upto 1.3 , any chance i could make the board run the cpu at full power?
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  1. Try its <b><A HREF="" target="_new">newest BIOS</A></b>

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  2. Cheers fella, is there any risk at all in updating these things?..i've never tried this before!

    anyway..thanks again for the reply and link :D
  3. not too much risk, if you follow the instructions. Murphys law exists in all endeavors. There are ways to repair a bad flash. But I'd say if done carefully the risk factor is minimal.

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  4. For a 1.4 you need a newer BIOS, 3R or higher I believe. The last one I installed was version 64 before I gave the KT7 to my nephew. I don't know if there is anything newer.

    Abit, has note for these BIOSes that states the 1.4 (200mhz) is supported but the processor must remain locked.

    Get the update for KT7 <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

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  5. Thanks for that! i've got the kt73r.exe now, but the readme is corrupted?! could you please give me step by step instructions on how to go about upgrading the bios, i'd really appreciate it :)
  6. If the readme is corrupted I would not trust anything from that download. Download another copy. Also, the link I provided did not show a BIOS 73. You should doublecheck and make sure it is not a KT7A only version of the BIOS.

    The last BIOS installation I did failed. Long story, basically I did something stupid. I was trying to test a procedure which would protect me from a failed BIOS update but it had the opposite effect. I was playing with the Boot Block protection of the Award BIOS and I did something wrong. Cost me $12 x 2 for two replacement chips and month total waiting from AbitUSA to send me the 2 separate chips. Never had a problem before, in several years of doing BIOS updates until then.

    I never did use the new version of the BIOS installer so you better get yourself a copy of the directions.

    I don't want to scare you off from doing BIOS updates. The odds of my problems happening to you are very small (unless you try to do a BIOS flash without a video card installed). However, if you'd like insurance against this, their is a product call BIOS savior. This clever device sits between your BIOS chip and the chip socket. If you ever have a BIOS update failure you can boot from the BIOS
    Savior which will have a backup copy of your BIOS.

    <b>We are all beta testers!</b>
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