cannot install need for speed most wanted

The first time it went to 27% if I remember correctly and a error message appeared. I clicked retry a few times. The same error message appears. "A track could not be copied" or something like that. So I had to cancel the installation. I restarted my pc. Now the installtion doesn't start anymore when I insert disk 1 in my cd rom.

I disabled my dvd drive in "my computer" "properties". Still the installation doesn't start when I place disk 1 in my cd rom.

When I go in "my computer" and double click on "speed.exe", "safemode install" that doesn't work either. A message like "E: is not a win 32 file" appears.

Then I clicked copy from disk 1 and paste it to HD. This message appeared when it got to about 75%.

Cannot copy Ocompressed: Invalid MS-DOS function.

Oh and the EA site doesn't work so that's why I came here.
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  1. the win 32 error means its not a window xp, 98, or whatever you are running. THis error those seems to be a list of error messages you are getting and implies more to the fact that the disk you have may be bad. i had that issue trying to install a demo of call of duty 2, and it would say error messages like not a valid win32 , yada, yada. I finally found a downlad that was solid. keep trying to install the disk, eventually i might let you install it all. Ive also had issues like that were i had to install a game over and over before it finally installed it.
  2. Hi,

    I do have problems when installing NFS Most Wanted Black Edition. When I insert the first disk, it gives the option "Play" instead "Install". When I click on Play, it try to run the NFS Underground 2.

    Somebody knows how to install this game with the previous NFS already installed? Is there an option or I really need to uninstall the Underground 2?

  3. Hi. Had any success with this? EA customer support told me to uninstall NFS Underground 1 & 2 before installing NFSMW then to reinstall NFSU. NFSMW now works great however I cannot reinstall NFSU. I have complained to EA however they are now ignoring my e-mails. It appears that they do not like any criticism! If I cannot fix this I will be taking game back to shop for a refund.
  4. Here’s a little hope. If you edit the registry to underground, most wanted will install.

    I can’t find the link I used or remember just what I did, but I found this link. I’m thinking it’s probably what I did.
  5. Yes that previous link was helpful, but I seem to has solved the problem using only a single registry modification. Here's the steps I took to install NFSU after NFSMW was already installed (using WinXP pro).

    1. Click Start->Run... and type regedit

    2. File->Export... your ENTIRE registry for safe measure.

    3. Edit->Find... and search for "speed.exe" (no quotes)

    4. Keep hitting F3 until you find the registry key
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\speed.exe

    5. Change the name of this key to something else, like
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\speedmw.exe

    6. Now install NFS Underground as usual, except I changed the install directory from ...\Need For Speed Underground\... to ...\NFSU\... to ensure I would have no aliasing of the path name. Not sure this step is necessary, but it certainly didn't hurt.

    7. Now when you pop the NFS Most Wanted disc in, it will probably give you an error (wrong disc or something). But that's ok. Just close the autorun dialog box and go through your start menu instead. Click on the NFS Most Wanted icon and you should be good to go.

    What an annoying workaround but I'm glad it seems to work. No real support from EA... their website's posted solution is useless.

    Just glad I found this thread. Thanks all.
  6. Thanks guys, I needed to install Most Wanted (while NFSU was already installed)

    Exported the App Paths\speed.exe folder
    Deleted it.

    Installed Most Wanted.

    You can keep whichever speed.exe folder you wish but both autoruns will open the same game.
  7. Hi guys.

    I can confim that the trick above with editing the registration database works. :D

    Thanks for the tip. :hello:
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