Can't Install roboblitz demo on Windows xp x64

The new demo using the Unreal Engine 3.0 will not install on my windows xp x64. It is a .msi install and fails right at the end when it suppose to install robohorde shaders or something. I can't seem to find a way to let the makers of the game aware.
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  1. hmmm maybe they just havent gotten that far in production yet and dont support all the 64bit people, i mean it is only a demo.
  2. It doesn't matter with WOW64 on Win XP x64 I have not ran into a non 64bit game giving me an issue. Other then drivers I haven't found a 32bit app that wouldnt work on my system.
  3. I see, I guess I just dont know much about 64-bit :D well im sure with the growing population of 64-bit oses theyll have to make it 64-bit compatible, so be patient.
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