Half Life 2 64 bit

Valve have jsut released Half Life 2 & Lost Coast in 64 Bit. Downloadalbe from Steam.
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  1. wait so what was the avantage to 64-bit like better textures and just generally more frames?
  2. Probably no real advantage but it just popped up on my screen when steam loaded up. It makes me feel ooooh soooo important that I can be annoying and post it on forums etc, before the news actually makes headlines. And I can't spell, I think 'jsut' it some sort of weird anagram for just ??? At the end of the day who gives a toss.
  3. I like your style. And you're right, so bugger off 8)
  4. Aren't u special
  5. game was played and beat already, i don't know why anyone would rebuy it again.
  6. you dont have to re-buy it....i think ya who the hell would buy it again. thatd be cool to see it in css though. i dont even have a 64 cpu anyway screw this.
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