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I am just upgrading my motherboard and cpu because they both fried. I was wondering if i had to format my HD to install both those items or can i just put them in. Also i downgraded my cpu from 1.4 to 1.3 amd, will that matter? If you wonder why i downgraded is because of lack of money.

Thx for replying

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  1. You <b>could</b> just install the new motherboard in your computer without formatting. However you may notice that your computer becomes unstable or acts a little strange. This is because alot of settings and drivers will be changed due to a new motherboard being introduced. If you are using windows 98 you will almost certainly want to format, I'm not sure how NT based OS's such as XP will deal with the new motherboard although I still think regardless it is a good idea to do a nice clean install of an OS on a formatted harddrive to ensure no old system, driver files ect are remaining. Putting a new cpu in your system wont require a HD format or re-install of your OS although you will be formatting anyway due to your new motherboard. Enjoy!

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  2. thank you very much.
  3. If you get the exact same motherboard, you won't have to reinstall anything.
    The speed of your CPU doesn't matter.

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  4. well.. i am getting a new mobo and is it ok to boot up and back everything up after i put in the board? will it make anything bad happen maybe?
  5. Yes it will be ok to boot up with the new motherboard and backup your files. You can just cancel all the prompts for installing new hardware considering all you gotta do is copy files over to a backup location. The worst that will happen is that you get some errors but nothing serious. If you get really stuck, like your OS not booting up or it becoming practicaly unuseable you may need to shove your HD in another computer as a secondary drive and backup your files that way, or perhaps try copying them over in DOS, then format the drive you want to install your OS to. I wouldn't worry about all this though, you shouldn't have too many troubles. Good luck!;)

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    They say machines don't make mistakes, the user does. Didn't humans create that machine?
  6. thx. as u can see this is my first time for this.... i hope nth goes bad. i put it up from like an empty b4 but never an hd with stuff so i am kinda shaky.. and again thank you very much for the advise.
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