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I've got a community I'm trying to build up, a tad smaller scale than THG.

I know there isn't that much content ATM, we're working that out. My previous host had a fire and thus the site was down for a month. If you please, go ahead and sign up for the forums and post about whatever the hell you want, lol! We simply need members to shape the community, and thus morph the purpose of the site.

Thanks for any input, as well. That can be posted here, or more preferably, on the Nysteo forums.
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  1. Why? We do that here.
  2. no other reason than to build a new, smaller, more focused community. how many users are on these forums? im looking for a smaller amount of users, not hundreds of thousands. just for the hell of it, yes.
  3. That would be us. There really aren't too many regulars here.. maybe 50 or less?

    The rest tend to be new people who want to post questions, we go around fixing problems and harassing the rest.
  4. nice. care to expand your sphere of influence to my community? lol.
  5. haha now that's more like it.

    I just dwell here in spare time at work..

    I'll check your site out sometime.. I don't really hang out on the internet much.. for being a computer person and all.
  6. Glad for the consideration.
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