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server vs. workstation

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March 13, 2002 1:17:50 PM

A company is selling a standalone workstation using one of Supermicro's server motherboards. My question is, what is the basic difference between a server motherboard and a workstation motherboard and should I be concerned about this issue? Thanks.

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March 13, 2002 1:24:11 PM

Server would typically not include whizbang stuff like onboard sound. Might not have 4X AGP or something similar also. WOuld be more oriented toward fast I/O and such. Best thing to do would be to find out the exact mobo model and look it up on Supermicro website, then decide if it suits you.

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March 13, 2002 4:40:14 PM

Yup, the biggest thing to watch for is the lack of an AGP slot on many server boards. Some other things you'll find is that server boards do not allow any overclocking, and they often require registered memory.

- JW
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March 13, 2002 5:23:36 PM

with a workstation you use it to do work. SUch as CAD, 3dsmax, visual C++. Stuff like that where performance is key. They are usually single processor and contain tons of ram and a very good graphics card and a decent speed processor (like a axp 1600+). I can imagine a dual processor system would be in huge companies where they can spend the money on it, but general a single cpu is fine. The hard drive is also generally huge but speed of it doesn't matter. As your graphics gets larger and larger, so will the amount of space be used up exponantialy. same with building a program with visual C++.

ok? so workstation is for work.

server is a computer that MUST be up and running 24/7 at all cost. generally host some database or proxy server and usually isn't used to do work but to host databases and whatnot. Where a workstation it isn't critical to be up and running 24/7; a server is. so a server is just used to do a specific task. Such as be a proxy server so people can browse the web. Or act as a database server so people can access the database through out the plant. generally a server does a specific thing.

usually you can buy a workstation and use it as a server.
A server used as a workstation is a bit overkill.

thats like buying a workstation class computer to browse the web in my opinion.

but thats according to my view so ... read what other have to say and make your conclusion

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