Dragon + & WIN XP Problems

So here's my rig:
Soyo Dragon +, Athlon 2000+, GeForce3, 512DDR, Maxtor 40GB ATA 100

I've had to reinstall XP 4 (count 'em) times within the last couple of weeks because I'll crash out and won't be able to boot back up. I'll get a message like NTLDR is missing or it can't access some hive. I was using the onboard audio with the drivers on Soyo's website (also tried the ones from Windows update), and usually before I crash I'll be playing MP3s when the music will start to get all scratchy and then - BAM. My whole OS is rendered inoperable. Sometimes I'll get lucky and I'll be able to boot it back up, but lately, not the case. I am going to reinstall today with an old Sound Blaster Live card and disable the onboard audio, but what the hell could it be? I have a lot of peripherals, so I thought maybe my power supply my be the cause. I went out and bought a 400W Antec, and it's still doing it, so I guess that eliminates that possibility. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, solutions, I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sorry, no solution but I have similar problems with a Dragon (no plus). I've been told it is most likely a hardware issue, that narrows it down! Anyway, I've noticed that I may have damaged some capacitors on the board and am waiting for some responses to see if this might cause the problem. Good luck!

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