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Hi guys

First off I built a computer a few months ago for work and internet browsing. so since I was building it myself i went with windows 7 HP OEM as the os. after that i started to build a new gaming pc when finished i wanted to see if it worked but with no os disc to use i just popped in the old windows 7 OEM disc (i know shame on me) . now the 30days are nearly over iam looking to buy a new disc and since iam a student iam thinking of buying the upgrade version. my quistion is this will it work, will I be able to install it on my computer or will it see that iam using a already used win7 key as my os and thus not install?

thanks for looking i really need a answer to this fast
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  1. The upgrade and the OEM will be about the same price.
    I suggest you purchase another HP OEM disk the same as you have now.
    If you didn't enter a key when you installed it, you can use the key supplied with the new one to activate it.
    If you did enter a key, you can change it by going to Control Panel> System and Security> System and select Change Product key.
  2. yea I could get another oem but since iam a student I can get the upgrade for about half the price and thats just too tempting to not look into.
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