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I'm using an Abit KT7A Raid board with ath 1.2, 3 strips curcial 256 ram,
asus dual head video board. Win 2K. It has been running great for months. Today while using the machine it crashed and upon boot up (after I get the windows 2000 loading screen) I get a message "Beginning dump of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete." It the attempts to boot again. I turned off the raid in bios. Still the same. unplugged net card and audio card. Reseated video card. Swaped locations of the mem strips. Still blue screen. Help
Any thoughts.

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  1. so you can't get into windows at all? Can you try reinstalling Windows to confirm it is a hardware problem?
  2. after a second boot it will give you the option to go back to the last time the pc booted without a problem. choose that option and if it doesn't work reinstall windows, but before all this use only one stick of of ram ( the one that was in the second slot ).

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