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Trying to install an OEM Win 7 64 bit on an ASUS P5WD2. This machine had previously run Win XP Pro on a IDE drive with a 4 drive SATA Raid 0. I replaced the IDE with a 320gb Western Digital SATA drive. I start the machine with the DVD in a Pioneer IDE DVD burner and everything starts out fine. It reads the DVD until it gets to the Install Windows 7 screen. Once you select the Install Windows 7, the drive reads for about 10 seconds then tells you it can't find a DVD driver. If you go to browse, it finds the floppy, the Raid, and the new SATA system drive (coming up as X for some reason), but no DVD. I tried to load Asus drivers but there are no specific DVD drivers. This is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. The IDE drive should not be a problem, but the old mobo/chipset drivers might well be the issue.

    Did you try running the Win7 Upgrade Advisor?
  2. Running off the red Intel IDE channel or Blue ITD IDE chanel?

    Best if DVD is running off red Intel as a master, use the blue for hdd's.

    Sata shouldn't be a problem, as its an ICH7R.
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