What's the best RPG out there

Having played and enjoyed Heretic and Doom a loooonnggg time ago, and havnig been away from gaming for a long time...

What is a good similar game today? I download demo of the latest Doom, and could not get interested in it. Too slow on my pc, and I got hopelessly lost in the corridors. In any case, I always preferred Heretic I (not II) to Doom.

So what is out there these days??
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  1. Erm, Doom / Heretic are not Role Playing Games. You're talking about First Person Shooters I presume.

    Try Halflife 1, halflife 2, Farcry : All good FPS.
  2. best RPG = FF7

    agreed with ned, also try Call of Duty(COD), COD2, FEAR. if you want something very similair to doom then try Quake 4.
  3. I'd say Painkiller is the game most true to the original DooM, and definitely worth trying for any action-loving person.

    And even though it's old, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is still one of my favorite FPSs
  4. ...... What are the specs to your pc.

    As Snorkius said the closest to doom/heretic is Painkiller. You don't really get Heretic type FPS's anymore. Maybe not a bad compromise as well here but there is Vampires Bloodlines may be a decent choice. It can be played both in first person and third person. Is dark, has weapons and magic. However it's foremost an rpg rather than a fps which is what you're wanting. Can also require a hefty pc and has a few bugs. Still a good game tho.

    Another fantastic FPS is Chronicles of Riddick, escape from Butchers Bay.
  5. Thanks, folks for the feedback. Yes, I am interested in FPS, I guess... forgot the correct terminology.

    Loved the original Heretic's smoothness and charm (as compared to Doom which is a rough/dark game). I will start studying the ones suggested here by all four of you. Hopefully all have preview downloads.

    Thanks again.

  6. Games have come on alot since Heretic and Doom so download and play what you can, then get back to us with likes and dislikes and we can go from there.
  7. What machine are you intending to be gaming on? Specs etc?
  8. hmm...

    I have to admit I did not buy the machine for gaming :roll: It is a retail HP media center (dual core, intel graphics, 1 gig ram). I tried to play FEAR download, and it said nVidia required or something.

    But I did download Call of Duty, and it plays nice!! I am kind of hooked on that game, and I should soon fork out the money to get the full version.

    Two questions:
    -Can I stick a good video board into my machine. I presume the existing graphics is right on the motherboard?

    -Any games comparable/better than COD, for FPS?

  9. Dammit, stop posting in different sections.

    Do you know what an AGP or PCI Express slot looks like?

    If so grab yourself a 6800GT or equivalent, (look at THG gfx card tables) and your away, the rest of your machine is fine.

    After that, I dunno, you probably will need to go into the bios and disable the onboard GFX, I think so you need to be comfortable with that stuff but others can give you better advice there.

    As for comparable games, CoD1 is virtually out on it's own :) CoD2 doesn't hold a candle to it in my eyes but is more of the same.

    Personally once you get a better GFX card then download and try in no particular order:

    Aliens Vs Predator 2
    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
    HL2 I suppose despite me hating it.
    Hidden and Dangerous 2
    No One Lives Forever 2
    Battlefield 2

    Can't think of any others off the top of my head but don't stop with just FPSs


    Rome Total War
    Command and Conquer Generals
    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
    Homeworld 1 and 2


    Baldurs Gate 2
    Neverwinter Nights
    Vampires the masquerade: Bloodlines

    Flight sims:

    IL2 Sturmovik and it's add on packs
    Lock On

    Space Sims:

    X2: The Threat
    X3: Reunion
    Independence wars: Edge of Chaos

    Ah crap, can't think of the best space games ever...... what was it called, something wars..... Argh! Someone help me out here game was you as a fighter pilot against these insect like aliens.... Their battleships were HUGE...... Oh my poor aging gamer brain can't remember.

    Anyway I need to get back to work.
  10. Lots of great games mentioned.

    Yes Call of Duty is a very impressive game. Totally Immersive experience.

    If you want a different flavor of FPS. Try Serious Sam, (it has one expansion and Serious Sam 2 came out not to long ago). It is silly with bright colorful graphics.

  11. For games your current computer (with intel integrated graphics :P ) can handle, you might try older games like Half Life (First Person Shooter), Diablo (action Role Playing Game), Warcraft 3 (Real Time Strategy), or Baldur's Gate II (Role Playing Game). You may even be able to play World of Warcraft, which is the newest in the new form of RPG; Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG, which put you in a virtual world for a hourly-daily-monthly-or-yearly subscription fee.

    If you feel too uncomfortable to fiddle with the innards of your HP computer, and don't have any precocious teenager relatives who could do so for you, you might want to invest in a computer that is made especially for playing the latest graphics-intensive games available like Half Life 2, Call of Duty 2, or Everquest 2. Commercial gaming solutions tend to be overpriced however, and adding your own graphics card (if your HP media center has the slots for it) and sound card (pretty much just Sound Blaster Audigy2 or higher for gaming) can really perk up your computer's gaming performance for a more reasonable price.
  12. The first call of duty is the first game you'll want to try. It's one of the few FPS I played throught twice.

    Half Life 2 is great!

    The first Jedi Knight was good too.

    Farcry is fun for a while but only if you're playing with all the eye candy on.

    Check out Max Payne if you haven't seen it.
  13. Forgot about Max Payne, 1 & 2. Great games.
  14. I'd say play PainKiller Gold & the Serious Sam series.....

    Those games will teach you, eye / hand / keyboard / mouse, coordination needed to play FPSs..... A whole lot of action & some of my favorite games.... Those 2 games improved my performance in FPSs, more than any other games & they're dirt cheap........ You'll have to be able "Run & Gun, or your Done", in them!!!!! :P
  15. Morning..Want some coffe?... hehe..(I love playin 24hrs) :lol:

    List of RPG games you might want to play:

    About FPS:
    Half-Life 2
    Far Cry
    Serious Sam2
    Quake 4

    Have Fun :)
  16. Thanks guys. You have given me a whole bunch of good games to get started with. Now, I need to get me a half decent graphic card, and I will be in business.


  17. Morrowind is amazing! Its huge and the detail is crazy! One of the best RPG's out there, I can't wait for the new one...........
  18. Oh, I game a plenty myself....

    I have loaded & am playing right now:

    Half-Life 2 = Best shooter I ever played
    Doom3 = Worst game, waste of $$$
    Far Cry = Great game
    FEAR = Not a great game, once is enough
    Serious Sam2 = Awesome game
    Quake 4 = Doom 3 rip off. waste of $$$$
    PainKiller Gold = Awesome game

    On steam I have the ATI package.... So on my Steam account I have close to 20 games there....
  19. Did you get rid of F.E.A.R. again? That should really be up there in between Far Cry and HL2 in my personal opinion.
  20. Yes, dog gone it!!!!! I'll add that to my list.... It's still loaded...

    I didn't like FEAR.... It's one of those games, you play through it once & once is enough, for me anyway..... [shrug]
  21. That's becuase you get too scared :wink:
  22. ROTFL!!!!!!
  23. Actually, I still play Doom and Doom II now and then, through Doom Legacy, and I'd play some Heretic too, if I hadn't lost the floppies for it long ago... :D

    I kind of like Action RPGs like Diablo, Sacred, and Dungeon Siege II (I never played Dungeon Siege I, but I hear they're real similar). If they get cheap enough, go for it.
  24. Dungeon Siege, Legends of Aranna and Dungeon Siege II are fantastic RPG games, Ill give you that.

    Online RPG's are now a thing I play on most of the time, Guild Wars and World of Warcraft rule.
  25. Online RPG's are some of the most fun games out there! I always play them :D
  26. Do you play Guild wars and World of Warcraft then?

    If not you should try try them, two differant games!
  27. Quote:
    Do you play Guild wars and World of Warcraft then?

    If not you should try try them, two differant games!

    It's obvious they are two different games. What developer would release the same game under two different names? :wink: [/sarcasm]
  28. too right you are being sarcastic ned or ill have to give you a beating on Burnout Legends again wont I....but you might leave before the end again :( YOU CHEAT
  29. Eh? Who the hell are you? :roll:

  30. you know who i am.......

    i am the one who stalks you around university lol

    i cant believe you dont know who i am

    anyway try Guild Wars and World of Warcraft, Ned. I know you like Untold Legends and I might get that soon
  31. I guess I have to add the [/sarcasm] tag everytime I am being sarcastic :roll: :twisted:
  32. ...oh and I haven't been here all day - I just happened to check the forum 10 mins after you...twice :oops:
  33. BEST RPG = Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy 3 (for the snes)
  34. i havent really played any of the final fantasy games....ive played a bit of 10 and got used to it but had to give it back to my mate

    i might give them another go sometime
  35. Quote:
    i havent really played any of the final fantasy games....ive played a bit of 10 and got used to it but had to give it back to my mate

    i might give them another go sometime

    FF10 and FF10 x2 were the two worst FF games in my opinion, now lets see if i remember this correctly but my fav ff games are:


    if i remember correctly lol, been aaaaalllllloooonnnnngggg time since i played them and i had to get japanese versions converted to english for some of them
  36. Half Life II - best shooter, better than COD? (I am playing COD 1 right now, need better graphics to play COD II).
  37. Quote:
    Half Life II - best shooter, better than COD? (I am playing COD 1 right now, need better graphics to play COD II).

    HL2 system specs are not too over the hill and they made it look quite good regardless of that, although you do need some decent card to enjoy the dx9 graphics (full water reflections and the like).

    The answer to your question is hard to give because there's a lot of different opinions out there what makes a good shooter.

    If it is all about the shooting, then I think F.E.A.R. is top of the bill (only played SeriousSam2 demo, and it was too arcade for me). Great firefights, magnificent A.I., and I love bullet time. The environments are boring though and the story line is so so although I did like the scary moments (but they're brief). Great gfx but you need a beast to enjoy it to the max.

    HL2 has very nice graphics at not too exuberant system specs, I love the gravity gun and the physics in general. I hate the way dynamic lighting and shadows are handled but that is the price for low system specs. Storyline was kind of fun, but I found the game too linear to make top of the bill. The switching between walking and different vehicles was nice, and I just love HDR (lost coast free add-on) but you need appropriate hardware for that.

    FarCry wins in the non-linear gameplay department. Completely innovative in how you can go trhough each level in multiple non linear ways. And pretty good AI as well. Storyline was ok until the mutants were introduced, after that it sucked.

    COD: I'm not a fan of war stories so I haven't really played it. Played the COD2 demo and was bored with that before completing it. Much too linear to my taste.
  38. FEAR, haven't played, have too many other games monopolising my time.

    HL2: It's a long linear walk with terrible weapons, terrible vehicles, terrible and annoying enemies, terrible ending and just mostly boring. Saying that though the beauty is in the engine. It's not the prettiest in my eyes but it runs beautifully on most computers.

    Far Cry: Was the prettiest of the bunch in my eyes for a while. Good game until the monsters come out to play. Farcry was always lacking something in my eyes, couldn't place it but no impetus to finish it.

    CoD: Was top FPS for a very long time. Game is amazing in almost every way. It's basically a game that just grabbed me, immersed me and didn't let me go till the end. Simply brilliant. Add on pack ain't too bad either.

    CoD II: Seems to have tried to improve on the sequel but on "improving" it's lost alot of the same charm. Seems intentionally manic now rather fluid as it once was.

    Now the game I keep banging on about is Chronicles of Riddick Escape from butcher bay.

    Fantastic graphics that are Doom III esque but not as poorly defined and don't take a super machine to run. The lighting system in the game is superb as darkness plays a major part in the game and accordingly the AI is also up to scratch to make use of this. Nothing like running out of the dark, sticking a knife into the neck of a guard and dragging his body back into the darkness without other guards noticing. The music and atmosphere is brilliant, you know it's gonna be good with the walk into the prison at the start, makes it feel like you are playing an epic. Game mixes RPG lite quests fluidly with FPS action. So yeah, Riddick is simply great. If you buy one game in the next month buy this, it should be cheap as chips now and you really won't be disappointed.
  39. If you're going to play halflife 2, please play half life 1 first. Graphics aren't appauling, and the gameplay / story is amazing. Half life 2 follows on in the story...so you're going to miss an aspect of the games if you just play 2.
  40. Agrees with Ned. Still linear but a much more enjoyable game imo.

    I can still remember the first time I played HL. Little things like.

    "There's a bad guy, I'll run in here and he won't follow me!!!"

    Grenade bounces in through door, boom I die.

    "HOW THE FUCK HE DO THAT!!!!, AI isn't allowed to do that!!!!"
  41. Quote:
    If you're going to play halflife 2, please play half life 1 first. Graphics aren't appauling, and the gameplay / story is amazing. Half life 2 follows on in the story...so you're going to miss an aspect of the games if you just play 2.

    In that case, play HalfLife:Source. It plays like the original (with the original textures, alas) but you get the Source physics (and lighting but that's not very noticable).
  42. Playing COD I right now, and loving it.

    But it is a bit like Wolfentein, i.e. you know where the bad guys are going to come out from every time, nothing much random. I guess that is what you guys mean by "linear".

    But still, I am totally captured by it. But they I am easy.
  43. Nah mate, linear means the player has no freedom in regards the path he chooses to complete an objective. In other words the player is directed down a set direction at all times.

    Some games are blatently linear, other games like CoD are linear but mask it very well.

    Then you have games like Far Cry which point you in the direction you need to go and it's up to you to take your own path although granted you are still guided as ultimately a game needs that (although not always, take X2 The threat for example, a space game where if you want you can leave the story and just build your own economic empire)

    If you want a game which randomises where the bad guys come from I suggest giving SWAT 3 a run for it's money. It's flawed but one cool thing is that enemies and hostages etc are randomised each time a map restarts meaning you never know where anyone is. A very good touch.
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