Best Board for KT333 Chipset

Best Board for KT333 Chipset?
I want to buy a new board and debating between the MSI, GIGABYTE and ASUS. I need one that has raid and will last me for 1-2 years so I dont have to keep upgrading.

Or another question i have is should i go with KT333 chipset or go with KT266A chipset motherboard and if so what board?

I want to setup a small homebased webserver / ftp server and run linux, and other programs on it (no games).

Email: if you have any suggestions or comments.
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  1. Any of these brands should be good for you, although it is not MSI's habit to offer integrated RAID. If you want the ultimate KT333 board, however, you should definitely consider the ABIT AT7.

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  2. msi has the raid one

    does abit have KT333 chipset in AT7?
  3. any suggestions on motherboard

    msi, gigabyte or asus?
  4. why are you only going with those Manufacturer's... Soyo is release'ing there Kt333a soon hopefully...there boards are very good

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  5. i need one asap like within 48hours and those reviews i saw online.

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  6. oh i got ya... Well ASUS is Obviously a well known, and sell great boards.. so my bet go with one of those...

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  7. Quote:
    msi, gigabyte or asus?

    Asus A7V333

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  8. I would go with Asus. I have good experience with their board.
  9. I also think the ASUS board looks really good. That's the one I wanted too, but I couldn't find a vendor who had it in stock when I needed a new board (about 2 weeks ago). The unique feature on the ASUS Board that nobody else has yet is "C.O.P." for CPU Overheating Protection. It turns off the system if the CPU temperature is approaching dangerous levels. While you can get alarms as an add on for other boards, you still have to be there to shut the system down.

    Since I couldn't find the ASUS board I went with the Gigabyte 7vrxp over the MSI, the other Raid board I could find, because my last board was the MSI KT266 and your remember what problems folks had with those. (Anyway, that may not have been MSI's fault entirely as there were definitely problems with KT266.)

    I've been happy with the Gigabyte board so far. Stable right out of the box (although I have not yet tried to push the memory timings too much).

    Good luck, John

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  10. i got the msi one its really awesome.

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  11. I don't think Asus' KT333 mobo is out yet. Shuttle is releasing the AK35GTR v2.2 which has the KT333 chipset, but it's not out yet either. I'm buying a new mobo in a week or 2, right now Gigabyte's 7vrxp would be my choice as I have an Enermax PS. Epox's 8K3A+ is also a good mobo but Epox mobos don't get along well with Enermax PS' with low 5V rails, mine is only 4.78V. As for MSI, I haven't been happy with my K7T Turbo as it won't OC so no more MSI mobos for me.

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  12. I dunno why there are always CERTAIN group of ppls shouting out "get Soyo" all the time in all threads. According to any sorta reliable source, Soyo is one of the most INFAMOUS mobo manufacturer.

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  13. I just got the Asus A7v333 today. Will be installing tonight. I have had 2 Abit boards in the past and have had wierd power on problems with them. The one I have now, I have to hit the power twice after a shutdown to get the thing to boot. I also know somebody whose capacitor melted on an Abit as well.

    Needless to say, I am moving to Asus now!

    Will post in seperate thread my experience with it.
  14. Got mine up & running, with XP2100+ and two 512mb sticks of Corsair XMS PC2700 CL2, although I'm running in the standard CL2.5 until I know evverything else is stable.

    This board is BEAUTIFUL. Get the best power supply you can afford - feed your system well.
  15. soyo based computer run very well and havent crashed in 3 month...truth is, if it wasn't for a bad memory module when I first built it, I dont remember having crashed it except for some times, but that was the ATI MMC that cause the trouble. I cannot use the videoIN feature on another user account in WinXP if I've used it in my own account before.

    but maybe you are right, and in that case, can you tell us your source?

    I'm not a pro Soyo, nor a pro Asus or anybrand of mobo. But this one fits all my need, everything works well.

    And all the problems here? Well, peoples that doesnt have any problems doesnt usualy look for solution. So I guest that there is a lot more users outside the forums that use Soyo MB and not only those that post here.

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  16. Quote:
    but maybe you are right, and in that case, can you tell us your source?

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