I have an Abit KT7A motherboard with an AMD Athlon 1500+ running at 1300MHz. I was installing Windows XP Pro. and after it finishes formating the drive and copying the files needed.... I encounter a problem... When it restarts, it loads up the Windows XP Pro screen then turns light blue... Now from there it's suppose to flash then begin the installation process. However for some reason it just flashes and stays the same. I can move my mouse and my keyboard works but can't do anything. I changed hardrives, CD-Roms, and even pulled out everything cept for video, cd-rom, stick of ram, and hardrive. I've also changed my Bios to even lower settings. But nothing has worked. Plz HELP ME! Thx
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  1. I read in some posts that if you try and install windows XP from a burnt CD it wont install properly.

    The CD has to be burned in DAO mode or TAO mode or sumthing like that maybe someone else will know the exact way you have to burn the CD.

    Of course if your not installing from a burnt CD then i dont know what else could be causing it. Is your computer overclocked? Windows might not install properly if it si.

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  2. hmm well I used the CD for four other computers and it worked perfectly fine. It also worked on the computer that's not working right now. And no my computer isn't overclocked. Thanks for the post though!
  3. Sounds like the CD is bad.

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  4. installation problems like this usyally mean bad ram!

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  5. not CD pretty sure. I have 4 other computers and used the same CD and worked perfectly fine. Don't think it's the RAM either. I took out all the RAM and reinstalled it twice. Once with single-side SDRAM and 2nd with double-sided SDRAM. Thanks for the post guys. Keep em coming..
  6. how long did you let it sit at that screen? i had that problem recently, i just walked away, made a sandwich and came back and it was fine. that was with my backup xp cd. hehe

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  7. what kind of sandwich did you make?

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  8. pb and j

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  9. excellent choice.... those things are delicious.

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  11. haha... how long did it take you to make the sandwich? Not more than an hour right? haha cuz I played PS2 for a hour or so and let my cpu sit there hoping it was just slow and needed time to load up but no change...
  12. well it didnt take that long. did you try installing on another machine? just sticking it in the drive and reading it doesnt rule out the possibility of the cd being bad

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  13. hehe I know. Yes I tried installing on 3 other machines and WORKED perfectly fine. It also used to work on the same machine that's having the problem right now. Could there be any chance of the motherboard or cpu core causing the problem?
  14. id say its more likely the cd rom drive, or even hard drive. could be video. if all else fails you can install somthing else and upgrade.

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  15. nope none of those. I actually swapped each single device. I changed the cd rom, hardrive, and video card. Same results.. Not sure why but it use to work perfectly fine with winxp pro. I even tried installing windows 98, millenium, and 2000 pro! But each one failed. Only Windows 98 I got through with a ton of errors during installation and whenever I tried opening anything I just got a illegal operation error and had to close it.
  16. well that leaves the cables, ram, mobo, and cpu. if you have a similar machine you can install the os on that machine and put the hd in the machine you are having trouble with.

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  17. Tried switching cables and ram. Cpu I just left but also went to BIOS settings and loaded the "Load Fail-Safe Defaults" and the "Load Optimized Defaults". Each of them had no effect. I've put the hardrive in another computer and reinstalled the system files and worked fine. When I put it back in the computer that's messed up, everything loads up till right after the Windows XP Pro screen. It's suppose to go the log on screen or login in automatically but the screen just stays black. Thanks for all the help. Keep it coming really appreciate it! Thanks
  18. disable some things in the bios, cache shadowning, com and parralell ports, usb... could be the power supply too, if its not the board or the cpu is screwed up some how.

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  19. Well I disabled just about everything that's not need and still same problem. I guess either my cpu is screwed or maybe a scratch on my motherboard?... not sure but it could be either one. I might as well as replace it. Giving me too much trouble... Thanks jihiggs for all the tips!
  20. I still think it's the sandwich. Go make a corned beef on rye pumpernikel and see if that makes a difference.

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  21. Swap power supplies, they can cause some crazy problems.

    Check your cpu fan, video fan too.

    I had a bad power supply that would cause a lockup during the splash screen with win98 but in winXP would run fine. Very odd, but if I used my modem in winXP then that little extra power would reboot my system. I had real headaches with that problem. Bought a new PS (was using a 5 year old sparkle 235W at the time) and haven't had a problem since. Took apart the PS and found a cap had swollen and heated up.

  22. Hmm good idea bout the powersupply. Dun have a video fan. Using an MEGA old video card but still works fine.

    Well my system doesn't lockup it just stops loading right after the winxp pro screen. Also I notice it takes a littel bit extra time for the winxp pro screen to appear and have the blue bar start going...
  23. haha Crashman. You know what? I'll go for a nap till tomorrow and see what happens...
    But really I'm sure it's not that slow.. we're talking bout a 1.3ghz remember...
  24. If you have 2 sticks of ram... try running with just 1 at a time... and in each possible slot. That will eliminate a problem with your ram or a motherboard ram slot.

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  25. Yeah already tried running with just 1 128mb single sided ram. Also tried it with just 1 128mb double sided ram. Thanks for the tip!
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