I need some help determining my system's bottleneck... thx!

I need to know what is limiting my system at the moment... I know it's old but I don't have buying options so let me know plz!

1.5ghz p4 423 socket p4 ASUS mobo 400mhz bus speed... but my FSB is at 100mz... with 512 RDR ram (worst idea ever my comp only takes RDR I was an idea when I bought this shit back in the day lol...) it is clocked at 400mhz... so I am usin a 1/4th of its speed capibilities? hehe I dont know of what I can do at all ... My graphics card is the Ti4600... and yeah yeah I know I shoulda gotten a 4200 ... well anyway... let me know what would help this system the best lol.. I scrappin heh

My 3dmark03 score was 1300ish lol!... can't even run 3dmark05 no pixel shader 2.0 on my graphics card

PEACE thanks in advance I am kinda screwed...

I only have 300 bucks to spend right now lol... thinkin of just savin or somethin
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  1. Save the money. Get to about $800 and start a fresh...even if you just want to play solitaire (jk 8) )
  2. Agrees.
  3. Ned is right.

    Although the Rambus RAM in your computer was very high end in its time, it is seldom used today.

    You really need to buy a MB/CPU/RAM/Video card. It might be tempting to get an AGP style motherboard and reuse your 4600. But just bite the bullet and go PCI Express. If you shop around, you can buy the 4 components for a very reasonable price. (Re-use your all your other stuff till you can afford to upgrade them).

    One of the advertisers on THG is Newegg. Great place to get parts. (If your willing to risk it you can buy factory refurb parts for dirt cheap from them).

    Good Luck!
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