Backdoor password for acer 7450 series

I was recovering my acer aspire 7450 series laptop to factory settings and everything was ok but it cut out becuase I forgot to put my charger in.\r\nI turned my laptop back on and it said boot mananger is missing.
problem is I put a password on my setup thing so I cant get in to that either.
Can someone please help me because I actually cant get into anything at all and its really annoying,
please and thankyou :)
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  1. You aren't likely to get any help on the forum regarding passwords. It is simply not allowed per forum rules.

    Are you saying that you placed a password on the BIOS and that you can't remember it?

    When you start the system can you press a key to select the boot device (without a password)?

    If you can select your boot device, simply re-install from the recovery disks to get a complete install in place (sorry for stating the obvious).

    The boot manager missing error is a result of an incomplete installation of the recovery disks. Good luck!
  2. As he said above, you don't normally need a bios password to do a recovery. You already started a restore, so if it did need a password, you should know the password, smells fishy.
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