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I have encountered a weird problem with my vid card. Last Wednesday I took my entire system (which was working with no problems) and moved it from my current case to a brand new Koolance PC2-601 case with a Enermax 550W PSU. Seated everything, tightened it all up attached all my cards and drives. Plugged it all in and turned it on. Lights on the case come on, hard drives spin up, but i have no video signal from the Elsa Gladiac Ultra Geforce2 card. Spent 45 minutes turning it on and off, hoping that it was a rare accurance. Took out the AGP card and reseated it, think it wasnt making full contact. Nothing. I thought it was the card had crapped out, so I bought a Visiontek Xtasy 6564 Geforce3 and dropped it in. Nothing happened. Same problem as before. I even dropped in a Diamond PCI video card. No luck.

I pulled the entire machine apart and put the mobo, the processor, the old mobo cooling fan and cpu cooling fan and the Elsa vid card back in to the old case (where it all worked before) and tried it again. Nothing. I tried the Visiontek and the pci cards seperately and still nothing. I reset the CMOS, in case there was Bios confusion, but that didn't help.

I took the mobo out of the old case and placed it on a non-conductive surface (the cardboard mobo box) and attached the Visiontek AGP card, plugged in the keyboard, attached the monitor cable, plugged in the ram and cpu and the case switches (pwr button, speaker, etc.)
Turn on the 350w power supply, saw the green led light up on the mobo and flicked the pwr switch on the case. The fans spun up, but there was no signal being sent to the monitor. I unplugged the monitor cable and check to make sure it was seated properly, and for a sec, the green LED on the monitor came on, then it went to amber (no signal). I tried again with this card, then with the other AGP card, then with the PCI video card. No luck. I have a speaker hooked up, but I have yet to get any warning beeps from it.

Since its not working for 3 video cards, I am beginning to think it may be the mobo or the cpu.
A similar problem like this happened when I moved my AMD Athlon1gz cpu and ASUS A7V133 mobo from the old case to the Koolance case. But then, the Koolance control board was faulty and never allowed the cpu to warm up. After 20 secs it would shut it self down. The control board problem was a known bug and Koolance repair it for me and sent it back. While I was waiting for it, I purchased the new cpu and mobo to upgrade my system. Once I received the repaired control board, I went ahead and moved everything over. Then nothing worked. (Stupid me, I should have troubleshot why that wasn't working rather then buy ing new equipment. BUt that is water over the bridge.)

Does anyone have any ideas or helpful tips? I am going insane from all this crap.

The specs, in both machines:
soyo sy-k7v dragon plus board
1024mb of DDR ram
AMD Athlon XP 2000

In the old case:
Enermax 350w

In the new case:
Koolance Cooling System
Enermax 550W

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  1. My guess, is that you may have knocked loose a capacitor on the MB, and that it's now dead. Try your old MB and see if it works.

    I do not like it Tom you see,
    I do not like green PCB.
  2. Any pins broken on your monitor cable?
  3. The symptoms sound similar to what happens when you cpu has a chipped core (ie. when your cpu is dead)

    Hopefully that isn't the case...

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  4. No pins missing on the monitor cable. The monitor works quite well on another machine.

    If the cpu core was chipped (ie, dead cpu) what would cause this? Like I said, the cpu worked fine before I moved it.
  5. I had the same situation. A reset switch bracket in the front of the new case was loose, causing a short everytime I connected the reset wire. I would also suggest you rotate the 4 pin connectors from the power supply around to different devices, and see if one is causing a problem.
  6. Beg steal or borrow...but try another CPU.

    I want to die like my my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
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