New system buying whoa's - buy now or wait?

Well, I've done TONS of research about what board to get to work with an XP 2000+. I'm leaning towards the ASUS A7V333 KT333. Benefits are ATA133, DDR333, USB2.0, mobo temperature monitoring etc.

Well, I've been reading about how how the new KT400 MAY be coming out soon with DDR400, and AGP 8x.

Also, with the Thouroughbred's coming out soon, I have to ask myself again if I want to buy now or wait.

I know at some time I have to just make a decision and buy, but I HATE getting stuck on the tail end of a technology and not being able to upgrade.
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  1. The AGP8x... probably won't be a big deal for at least a couple years (ie. you'll do fine with AGP 4x for a long time coming)

    The DDR400.... you likely won't be able to really leverage that upside anyways...

    The T-bred would be great to have though if you are looking for upward mobility :)

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  2. IMO it is probably worth waiting. Even if you don't immediately take advantage of DDR400 or 8x AGP, you'll be much happier later when you do decide to upgrade and you don't have to replace your MB again.
    I'm still waiting for Serial-ATA and benchmarks for AMD's Hammer processors.
  3. personally, i think its best to buy at "the tail end of a technology" as you put it, b/c all the bugs have been worked out and its less expensive. you have to ask yourself if what you are doing is really going to warrant DDR400 vs 333? concidering you can run games just fine with a p3 700 and a nice graphics card, id go with the less headaches and take the money you save and go buy some beers.

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  4. True. Ya, its a hard decision.

    Nice sig btw way. Its really supposed to read "The crows seemed . . ." Only crows go "caw, caw" I read that joke a long time ago and love it.
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