Laptop Motherboards - possible to replace???

OK, here's the situation:
I have a compaq Armada E700 Pentium II-400 w/ 192 megs ram and 14gb hard drive. It's a pretty decent machine, although just recently the soundcard decided to crap out on me (randomly playing and recording distorted sound). Since I use this for recording, this is a SERIOUS problem.

So now I'm getting that sick feeling in my stomache that I might have to buy a whole new machine! I suppose I could get maybe $700 for this one, but then I'm looking at $1400 for a new one.

Is there any way I can buy a new motherboard for this machine (and thus replace the soundcard and possibly get a faster processor)??

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  1. I would call compaq about a replacement board. If the board is too expensive, I would look into one of the new Dell no-frills notebook systems. They are built in the far east somewhere but I couldn't find them on their regular website. They start at about $950.
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