How to use Cable modem on Knoppix?

I am a total Linux newbie and decided to try Knoppix. It loads up but I can't get online using my cable modem. I have Comcast service. I have no idea what I'm doing in Linux. It looks neat but not having an internet connection really puts a serious damper on using it.

Also my M-Audio Revolution 7.1 audio card isn't recognized. Anything I can do?
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  1. Try MEPIS

    It has documentation that is easy to follow on how to get your internet configured. It's a Live CD just like Knoppix but, In my opinion, has better detection.

    Then, if you like it, head over to and tell em TKS sent you :P

    Seriously...I've tried both knoppix and MEPIS and I now run MEPIS on my hard was that good. And I'm an old slackware user from waaaaay back. For whatever my opinion is worth to ya. :)

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  2. You're a MEPIS whore aren't ya? :P

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  3. Yah...but only after it detected my USB CDRW...something even knoppix couldn't do. It detects my Dig Cam too. How cool is that? Plus, with all the apps...damn smooth. Two new versions are coming out. One will be a live CD and the other will be an actual distro. SimplyMepis and ProMepis. Can't wait!..ProMepis will have the 2.6.3 kernel w/ KDE 3.2 and tons of desktop improvements!

    <b>It is always brave to say what everyone thinks. </b> <i>Georges Duhamel</i>

  4. are you using the ethernet connection? you should be.. most usb cable modems will not be detected with linux.

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